TRS Raceday Set Jan 29


Another whole day of pure and intense racing action unfolds as the Tuason Racing School stages the Final Leg of TRS Raceday...

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Discover Racing:

  • A half day course that gives a glimpse of the exhilaration of racing.
  • Best for enthusiast who just wants to experience driving a race car

Basic/Advance Circuit car class (scheduled) :

  • A full day at the track, which is an in depth course that teaches the fundamental skills of racing.
  • Basic Class teaches racing line, braking and car control, heel and toe braking
  • Advance Class teaches Race starts, Overtaking and Faster pace lapping sessions
  • Classes will be in August, September & October

VIP Racing Class (weekdays):

  • For people who wants more personalize service or cannot attend the scheduled racing class
  • Minimum of 3 person per class/ 2 students to 1 instructor

Circuit Racing Experience:

  • A complete experience, 2 days of training and 1 day of racing, best enjoyed with a group of friends complete with trophies
  • Minimum of 4 participants maximum of 10. Weekdays

Refresher Course:

  • For people who have taken our basic and advance class and want to join the Circuit Racing Experience
  • 1 day Refresher training 1 day racing

Lapping Sessions:

  • This is practice session for people seriously considering racing

All classes above include all training equipment, certificate, use of race prepared cars, safety equipment, lunch and use of race track.


  • This is for people who want to maximize their own cars, we have a state of the art diagnostic equipment that can show proper driving techniques for specific cars.
  • Includes, on board documentation, GPS data logging, Instructor, Drive and technique Evaluation, Vehicle Diagnostics.
  • Option to have Pre session check up and Dyno. Minimum of 3 person per session

TRS currently specializes in the following:

  1. Race Driver Training
    1. Kart Racing
    2. Touring Car Racing
    3. Formula Car Racing
    4. Race Team Preparation
  2. On Road Driver Training
    1. Kart Racing
    2. Touring Car Racing
    3. Formula Car Racing
    4. Race Team Preparation
  3. Corporate Launches
  4. Corporate Team Building
  5. Automotive Product Presentations / Demos