TRS Raceday Set Jan 29


Another whole day of pure and intense racing action unfolds as the Tuason Racing School stages the Final Leg of TRS Raceday...

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TRS Driver Development Academy

  • road safety WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT
  • road discipline FOLLOW THE SPEED LIMIT
  • driver etiquette YIELD
  • defensive driving SPEEDING KILLS
  • auto maintenance SLOW DOWN
  • pedestrian education Preparing the next generation of Motorist DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE
  • ecodriving SAVE RESOURCES


Driving Development Seminar

An ‘interactive’ seminar for all drivers to learn about road courtesies and how to avoid accidents. This will help drivers both with long or short driving experience to drive properly and carefully and to further avoid damage to their vehicles. This course has been based on training done with the U.S. National Safety Council Defensive Driving Program and modified to suit local driving conditions. It has been designed to be entertaining and educational using many videos, visuals and facts.

Driving Development Training

This is an analysis of driving habits and road accidents incurred by company fleet drivers. Data from the company’s previous year will be gathered along with interviews of fleet drivers to complete a picture of the current driving situation within the ranks of the fleet. This analysis will give more precise information on where training and education is needed to decrease the occurrence of accidents in the fleet. Evaluations on individual drivers will be made along with recommendations.