TRS Raceday Set Jan 29


Another whole day of pure and intense racing action unfolds as the Tuason Racing School stages the Final Leg of TRS Raceday...

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1. Can anybody join the racing classes?

Yes, anybody who wants to learn racing can join the beginner’s classes offered by TRS. Download registration form here

2. Do I need to take the beginner’s class before I can join the advance class?

Yes, the beginner’s class is the prerequisite to any advance class offered by TRS. This will help us gauge your skill level and ensure safety. The skills taught in the beginner’s class are usually the foundation for the skills offered by the advance class.

3. Do I have to bring my own car, helmet, etc?

TRS racing courses includes all racing equipment and instructional materials. Safety materials like helmet and suita are also provided, All you have to do is come in your comfortable driving shoes and bring extra shirts.

4. Do I need a valid driver’s license to join the racing classes?

For the circuit car class you would need to present a valid driver’s license and have driven cars for over a year. You also must be familiar in using manual transmission. We also allow underage Racing License holders. For karting, no need for drivers license.

5. Am I too old to enroll?

No. As long as you’re in good health and have good eyesight, you’re good to go.

6. Am I too young to enroll?

Karting classes accepts kids ages 7 and above. There are some instances that younger kids are accepted into the program after instructor screening.e

7. What happens when I damage the car

Students are required to sign waivers that state they’re responsible for any accidents. Please email us if you want to discuss this further.